Buttermilk powder (sweet)

Buttermilk powder (sweet)

Dried milk product with a fat content of 4-9% and a water content of max. 4%; spray-dried, made from fresh, pasteurized, sweet buttermilk from our butter making plant (100% cow’s milk). Protein content at least 34% in fat free dry matter.

Product information  

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Legal name: buttermilk powder

Ingredients: buttermilk powder

Recombination: 90 g buttermilk powder and 910 g water yield 1 kg buttermilk


  • Dark, dry (rel. humidity below 70 %)
  • Protect from frost (recommended temperature range: <20°C)
  • Store away from odorous materials
  • Recombination of buttermilk
  • Substitution of skimmed milk powder
  • Partial substitution of whole milk powder
  • Baked goods and bakery premixes
  • Chocolate products and confectionery
  • Desserts, sweet dishes, yoghurt
  • Ice cream
  • Custard powder
  • Soups, sauces, ready meals
  • Dietary food
  • Instant beverages
  • Pastries and confectionery products
  • Bread spreads, spreadable fats, margarine

Paper bag with LDPE liner: 25 kg



Download: ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Uelzena Group

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IFS (Higher Level)

Uelzena eG, Uelzen

Product benefits  
  • Excellent solubility and processing characteristics
  • Improves the emulsifying properties in food
  • Rich in proteins and minerals
  • Improves the aroma of ready-to-use food
  • Balances the taste of baked goods and dressings
  • Improves the freshness of baked goods
  • Improved browning of the crust of baked goods
  • Protein source in food
  • Pure natural product without additives = Clean Label ingredient
  • Long shelf life, easy to store
Contract manufacturing  

We spray-dry buttermilk powder in a contract manufacturing process upon request, however only as side product from the contract manufacturing of butter fat. Take advantage of the know-how of our drying experts and the technologies that we apply at our Uelzen site for the production of butter fat and spray-dried buttermilk powder from supplied cream. Please contact us for details.


We are a premium supplier to the food industry and our top priorities are the quality and safety of the products. Strict monitoring and control of our production processes by a certified quality management system are obvious in our company as are regular audits and certifications based on the most important standards. The implementation of comprehensive HACCP and zoning concepts, as well as continuous quality inspections of all products and raw materials in our specialized in-house laboratories are other important elements of our quality concept. We’ll be happy to provide more information on this subject. Please contact us.


Product sheet

Download: Buttermilk powder (sweet)

Buttermilk powder (sweet)



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