Contract drying is a matter of trust

Customers who put their raw materials in our hands are playing safe because spray drying has been our strength and core competency for many, many years. For more than 40 years, we have been drying a broad range of products from difference product groups including protein hydrolysates, tea extracts, natural colors, flavors, soy sauces, yeast extracts, beta carotenes, vitamins and minerals on behalf of our customers.

Our international clients from the food and ingredients industry know us as a competent problem solving and highly specialized company. We can offer the processes needed for the processing of water-soluble extracts, aqueous solutions, multi-component mixes and emulsions. This also applies to the processing of natural products where the product properties will vary depending on the time of harvest or region of origin. With our long-term experience, we are able to meet the agreed specifications for such products as well.

Our special strength is the development of an optimally suited processing process for every individual spray-dry product. Depending on the product and initial raw materials, we use various spraying technologies including centrifugal or nozzle spray drying. This allows us to control the different physical parameters of a powder precisely according to the customer requirements. Our supplemental services for the pre and post treatment of products comprise the optimized dissolution of the supplied solid raw materials and the treatment of liquid raw materials ranging from homogenization and emulsification to cooling and heating to the standardization of the final product.


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Products - contract drying
Products - contract drying
Protein hydrolysates

The contract drying of protein hydrolysates requires special attention in terms of solubility, sensory properties and structure of the final spray-dried product.

Tea extracts

Decisive quality parameters in the spray drying process of black or green tea extracts are solubility, structure of the powder and sensory properties of the spray-dried product.

Natural colors

In the spray drying of vegetable colors such as carrot juice extract or beetroot extract the standardization of the products is very challenging because of the harvest-related natural fluctuations.


For the spray drying of flavors we develop recipes with different carrier combinations. The selection of the right carrier material ensures that the flavor-providing aroma components of the product are optimally protected by a kind of "encapsulation".

Soy sauce powder

We dry various grades of soy sauce on carriers with different color and flavor intensities for use in the food industry. For soy sauce powders, special requirements in terms of flowability, solubility and sensory properties have to be fulfilled.

Yeast extracts

We dry various grades of yeast from different sources for industrial food applications. A precise control of the spray drying process is used to optimize flowability, dust reduction and hygroscopicity.

Beta carotene

In the spray drying of beta carotene, the production of a stable emulsion is a very challenging process that is decisive for a homogeneous color distribution.

Vitamins and minerals

We spray vitamins and minerals as functional components in different ratios with various carrier systems. This facilitates amongst others the handling in industrial processing.

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