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Since 2006, the WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, which is one of the largest manufacturers of sweetened condensed milk, has been part of the Uelzena Group. It distributes and sells its large range of ingredients from the business division Uelzena Ingredients. Just as Uelzena eG, WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH is a premium supplier to large branded companies and delivers its products to the European chocolate, confectionery and ice cream industries as well as to the manufacturers of cereals.

At the Warmsen site, we produce traditional sweetened condensed milk with various fat contents and dry matter levels as well as a caramelized variation that has a very intense color and taste. Apart from standardized products, we also process according to tailor-made recipes that have been adjusted precisely to the customer's specifications in terms of fat content, dry matter and texture. This diversity of recipes for sweetened condensed milk differentiates us from many of our competitors.

For the production of one kilogram of sweetened condensed milk, we need between two and three kilograms of milk. We operate advanced production plants; our centerpiece is a high-performance falling film evaporator.  Targeted control of crystal distribution and particle size during the crystallization process ensures the correct texture. We source fresh milk as a raw material on a daily basis from the region.

Of course, we have been certified according to the most important European standards and we are an approved manufacturer for kosher and halal products.

Our clear focus on industrial customers as our target group generates an extraordinary high variety of packaging options. This includes bag-in-box systems from 12.5 to 25 kilograms, drums, sterile containers, fluid bags, a selection of disposable and returnable containers as well as temperature-controlled tank truck loads. This allows us to precisely deliver the products in the format that our customers need at their production sites.


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Products - sweetened condensed milk
Products - sweetened condensed milk
Sweetened condensed milk

Thick sweetened condensed milk with a sucrose content of >40% and a total DM content of approx. 70%. Made from fresh, pasteurized milk (100% cow’s milk) and sugar.

Sweetened, caramelized condensed milk

Thick sweetened condensed milk with a caramel flavor, a sucrose content of >40% and total DM of approx. 70%. Made from fresh, pasteurized milk (100% cow’s milk) and sugar.

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten Dairy specialist for sweetened condensed milk

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