Uelzena Ingredients

For decades, large branded manufacturers of confectionery products, baked goods, ice cream and delicatessen have been relying on milk-based ingredients supplied by Uelzena. Our clients are companies from the food processing and food ingredients industries as well as traders in raw materials.

We deliver milk-based ingredients

Being a specialist in milk, we focus on the product groups of milk powder, milk fat and other milk products including sweet condensed milk, cream and yoghurt products which we market through the company-wide division Uelzena Ingredients. This comprises three production sites of the Uelzena Group in Uelzen, Bismark and Warmsen as well as a joint venture in Neumuenster. We sell and distribute our range of ingredients together with Uelzena eG and WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH.

Processing of milk fat for our customers  

Our expert knowledge, which is available at all production sites, has been acquired over many years and we apply a comprehensive range of technologies to the processing of milk fats. We make use of these resources not just for our own products but we also act as a service provider for the contract processing of milk-based raw materials supplied by our customers; this includes the contract manufacturing of butterfat or the standardization of cream.

Expert in spray drying

Our second core competency is the spray drying of products from various product groups such as natural colors, tea extracts, protein hydrolysates, flavors, vitamins and minerals which we process as a contract manufacturer for the food and ingredients industries. At our site in Uelzen, we operate five different spraying towers for that purpose. Customers from all over the world make use of our technological and problem solving competency for spray dried products. We are considered to be one of the  leading specialists within the industry.

Partner to the food industry

With many of our customers, we have a long-standing close business relationship; our exchanges are based on partnerships. This enables us to constantly adapt our technological performance to new application requirements and to the specific product requirements of our customers. Your challenging demands cause us to continually improve.

Flexibility and the search for solutions are natural tasks for us. We are a reliable partner who ensures that your production runs smoothly and who will support you in the implementation of new product ideas. 

Food safety and high product quality

The entire production processes at all of our sites take place on modern equipment and under strict controls. Concepts for hygiene zones and routing, allergen management, our own control laboratories and our qualified staff are all part of ensuring the safe production of our ingredients. A high performance quality management system has been implemented at all sites. We are frequently audited and certified according to the most important national and international standards including ISO 9001 and IFS.

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