Sweetened condensed milk

Thick sweetened condensed milk with a sucrose content of >40% and a total dry matter content of approx. 70%. Made from fresh, pasteurized milk (100% cow’s milk) and sugar.

Product information on sweetened condensed milk  

We produce sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient for the processing food industry in many different recipe variants. We can adjust the fat and sugar content as well as the texture and viscosity of our products according to your specifications. Produced from fresh pasteurised milk (100 % cow's milk) and sugar by purely physical, partial removal of water by evaporation. 

Legal name: sweetened condensed milk

Ingredients: milk or skimmed milk (depending on the fat content), sugar

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We offer a wide range of product variants through individually adjustable adjustments to the recipe and the selection of the raw material milk:

  • Standard recipes with different fat levels from 0.3-9 % fat 
    (skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk, whole milk). 
  • Fairtrade
  • Kosher and/or Halal

Use of sweetened condensed milk  

  • Confectionery, toffees, candies
  • Caramel products
  • Chocolate bars, chocolates fillings
  • Dessert sauces, desserts
  • Ice cream
  • Fine pastry products
  • Bread spreads
  • Cream fillings
  • Cereals

Packaging for sweetened condensed milk  

Our packaging options for sweetened condensed milk are as varied as our recipes. We deliver in hygienic packaging suitable for industry, from small containers to tank trucks. Choose the optimum packaging unit for delivery and storage in your production:  


Bag-in-Box with liner
Content: 5 kg | 12.5 kg | 25 kg


Disposable container with liner
Content: 1,000 kg


CHEP Pallecon returnable container with liner
Content: 500–1,000 kg


Drum with liner
Content: 270 kg


Sterile container
Content: 500–1,000 kg


Tank truck
Content: 24,000 kg


Despite our packaging variety you miss a packaging system? Then contact us and we will be happy to check whether we can offer you filling in the type of packaging you require. 


Certifications for sweetened condensed milk

Download: FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Download: Kosher SCM

Kosher SCM

Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Download: Halal SCM and cream

Halal SCM and cream

Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Download: Fairtrade SCM (Sugar)

Fairtrade SCM (Sugar)

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Download: ISO 50001:2018

ISO 50001:2018

Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Product benefits of sweetened condensed milk  

  • Stable and uniform quality of the sugar crystals – ideally suited for further technological processing  
  • Individually adjusted  texture, fat and sugar contents - simplifies your production process
  • Full-bodied milky or creamy taste
  • Pleasant mouthfeel with smooth texture
  • Pure natural product without additives = Clean Label ingredient
  • Good emulsification and stabilization properties in fat-containing emulsions

Contract manufacturing of sweetened condensed milk  

At present, we do not produce sweetened condensed milk on a contract manufacturing basis from raw materials provided. However, if required, you are welcome to contact us to discuss the possibilities for this together.    

Brand quality made in Germany  

We are a premium supplier to the food industry and our top priorities are the quality and safety of the products. Strict monitoring and control of our production processes by a certified quality management system are obvious in our company as are regular audits and certifications based on the most important standards. The implementation of comprehensive HACCP and zoning concepts, as well as continuous quality inspections of all products and raw materials in our specialized in-house laboratories are other important elements of our quality concept. We’ll be happy to provide more information on this subject. Please contact us.


Download product sheet

Download: Condensed milk sweetened

Condensed milk sweetened

Competence in production of sweetened condensed milk  

As a long-standing manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk, we have the know-how and the right technologies to adapt the recipes of our sweetened condensed milk exactly to your requirements. Today we produce a wide range of product variants with different fat levels and sugar contents and adjust the viscosity and texture to suit your application. Unlike normal condensed milk such as coffee cream and classic canned milk, sweetened condensed milk has a rather viscous consistency due to its sugar content. 

Depending on the desired fat content, we produce from skimmed or whole milk at our Warmsen site. The milk is adjusted to the desired value by adding sugar. The actual production of the sweetened condensed milk is then carried out by purely physical removal of water in the evaporator through a gentle heating process. For our sweetened condensed milk, we only use milk and sugar as ingredients, we do not use any other auxiliary substances or additives. This makes it a real Clean Label product and a high-quality ingredient for many foods. 

Our standard recipes are only slightly caramelised and remain relatively light in colour. For applications where a stronger caramel taste is desired, such as chocolate bars or caramel fillings, we offer a caramelised sweetened condensed milk. This has a significantly darker colour and a very intense taste. The condensed milk range is supplemented by recipes with vegetable fat and with the Organic and/or Fairtrade seal.  

In addition to sweetened condensed milk, we supply other high-quality milk ingredients to manufacturers of chocolate, pralines, confectionery and ice cream, e.g. high-quality concentrated buttermedium heat skimmed milk powder or special milk fat compounds.