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Uelzena has been producing milk powders for more than 60 years. Milk, the raw material for the powders, is sourced regionally from (member) dairies in Northern Germany and delivered directly to our Uelzen and Neumünster sites. Most of it comes from a radius of less than 150 km around the two production sites. This ensures short transportation routes and reliable availability of the raw material. Because we know precisely where our milk is coming from our customers from the global chocolate, confectionery and food industries can be confident about the high quality of our products. Today we export our dried milk "Made in Germany" all over the world and are considered a preferred supplier by many of the major brand manufacturers in the food industry. 

Milk powder supplier for skimmed milk powder

Up to now our standard dried milk product range consists of Low Heat skimmed milk powder and Medium Heat skimmed milk powder in different product variations. We focus a lot of attention on the continuous optimization of the quality of our milk powders, for example in terms of the degree of denaturation, solubility, low dust properties, particle size and blending behavior, because our customers have highly specific requirements for further processing in their production plants. In response to the growing demands of our industrial customers, we have expanded our range by adding new varieties such as Medium Heat Low Spore and High Heat Heat Stable. We deliver our milk powder in bulk, big bags or 25 kg paper sacks.   

Optimised German quality milk powder for industrial applications

Our minimally heated and almost non-denatured Low Heat skimmed milk powder for example is optimally suited for the recombination of milk and its further processing into yoghurt and cheese or other dairy products. Other food manufacturers value the fine taste and easy processing of our skimmed milk powders into chocolate and confectionery products and baked goods. Our High Heat Heat Stable quality is the best choice for the production of UHT milk, sweetened condensed milk and other products that require additional strong heating during the production process. Especially for the production of UHT milk and fermented products the quality Medium Heat Low Spore is also used. 

Certified milk powder manufacturer with high quality standards

Our annual processing capacity is up to 75,000 tons of spray dried skimmed milk powder. No matter whether the products are made in our Uelzen site or in our new production site in Neumuenster where we operate one of the largest and most advanced spraying towers in Europe within the scope of a joint venture – our objective is to deliver the best possible product quality. The spray drying and packaging at both sites follows the highest technical and hygienic standards, is certified and strictly monitored by our quality management system. Our high quality standards have been continuously confirmed by numerous successful audits performed by global food companies. Both sites also have their own laboratories that control the quality of the raw materials and the manufactured finished products. We also attach particular importance to the continuous training of our employees and the deployment of well-trained specialists who ensure a smooth production process. 


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Products - milk powder
Products - milk powder
Low heat skimmed milk powder

Dried milk product with a fat content of max. 1.25% and a water content of max. 4%; spray-dried, made from fresh, pasteurized milk (100% cow’s milk). Protein and water content can be individually adjusted.

Medium heat skimmed milk powder

Dried milk product with a fat content of max. 1.25% and a water content of max. 4%; spray-dried, made from fresh, pasteurized milk (100% cow’s milk). Gentle heating ensures the typical fresh taste.

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