Soft serve ice cream mix

Soft serve ice cream mix

Liquid ice cream mix based on milk and cream for the production of soft serve ice cream. Available with different fat contents between 3% and 10% and in different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Individual recipe developments are also possible on request.

Product information on soft serve ice cream mix  

We produce liquid ready-to-use ice cream mixes for soft ice cream in many different recipe variations. Produced on the basis of fresh milk and cream (100% cow's milk), ultra-high heated and homogenized. Thanks to the high-quality milk fat base, our ready mixes for soft ice cream convince with their full-bodied creamy taste. The fat content can be adjusted to suit individual customer requirements. Available in the most popular standard flavors vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. On request, we will be happy to develop your own individual recipe and flavor or implement our standard recipes under your own branding. 

Legal name: Liquid mix for single served soft ice cream

Ingredients: Varies according to recipe, e.g. skimmed milk, cream, sugar, dried glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder, flavor, emulsifier, thickener, acidity regulator. 

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We offer you a wide range of product variants through individually tunable adjustments to the recipe, fat content and raw material base:

  • Standard recipes with different fat levels from 3-10 % fat 
  • Individual varieties / flavours
  • Kosher and/or Halal
  • Vegan - based on oat milk
  • customized new developments


Please note our minimum quantities for enquiries:

  • ParadIce brand: annual quantity: 60 to | per delivery: 5 pallets = 3.850/3.960 kg 
  • Private Label (standard recipe): annual quantity: 60 to | per delivery: 12 to 
  • Individual product- and recipe development: from approx 100 to 

Use of soft serve ice cream mix  

  • Production of fresh, creamy soft serve ice cream using commercially availabe soft serve ice cream machines
  • Easy to enhance with icings, sprinkles, sauces
  • Ideal for leisure, outdoor and system gastronomy

Packaging for soft serve ice cream mix  

We supply our ready-to-use liquid soft serve ice cream mixes in hygienic and practical bag-in-box packaging. You have the choice between 5,5 kg = 5 liters and 11 kg = 10 liters. Due to the rectangular shape, the boxes are easily stackable, which facilitates stock keeping. Handle aids in the outer box ensure easy and safe transfer directly into the soft ice cream machine. The packaging is resealable thanks to screw cap:


Bag-in-Box with liner
Content: 5.5 kg | 11 kg


You need a different packaging system for your individual ice cream mix product? Then contact us and we will be happy to check whether we can realize a filling in the type of packaging you require.


Certifications for soft serve ice cream mix

Download: IFS


Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

Download: ISO 50001:2018

ISO 50001:2018

Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, Warmsen

We can also offer many of our products in Kosher or Halal quality. Please contact us if you are interested in ice cream mixes with this certification.

Product benefits of soft serve ice cream mix  

  • Full-bodied milky and creamy taste
  • high whipping volume
  • excellent processing properties in all commercially available soft serve ice cream machines
  • high-quality milk fat base without palm fat
  • free of preservatives and additives that have to be declared on menus
  • Ready-to-use liquid ice mix for easy handling: open the packaging, pour content into the ice machine - ready!
  • Long shelf life even when stored unrefrigerated
  • Space-saving storage in the warehouse thanks to stackable and stable bag-in-box packaging

Contract manufacturing of soft serve ice cream mix  

Currently, we do not offer contract manufacturing for our soft ice cream mixes from raw materials provided by you.  However, if required, please contact us to discuss the possibilities together.

The customized development of new recipes for soft ice cream mixes and other ice cream specialties based on milk and cream, on the other hand, is one of our core competencies. We would be happy to develop your new product with you.     

Brand quality made in Germany  

We are a premium supplier to the food industry and our top priorities are the quality and safety of the products. Strict monitoring and control of our production processes by a certified quality management system are obvious in our company as are regular audits and certifications based on the most important standards. The implementation of comprehensive HACCP and zoning concepts, as well as continuous quality inspections of all products and raw materials in our specialized in-house laboratories are other important elements of our quality concept. We’ll be happy to provide more information on this subject. Please contact us.


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Soft ice mix

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Ice Mixes

Liquid soft ice cream mixes made from milk and cream for international B2B customers  

We also use our many years of know-how in the production of milk-based ingredients and milk products to produce liquid ice cream mixes from milk and cream for various ice cream specialties. We develop and produce customized ice cream specialties for B2B customers from system catering and wholesale. In addition to milk-based products, we also develop vegan variants on request, for example based on oat milk. 

Soft serve ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream specialties, especially in the classic vanilla variety. The special feature of soft ice cream is its airy, creamy texture. It is a particularly soft variant of ice cream that is created by cooling the liquid ice cream mass down to only about -6 °C during production and constantly stirring it in a special soft ice cream machine. During the typical dispensing of soft ice cream into a wafer or cup, the mass is then also whipped with air and thus acquires more volume and its special consistency.  

Our ready-to-use liquid mix for soft serve ice cream makes the production of this specialty very simple: open the packaging, pour the liquid ice cream mix into the soft ice cream machine - done! The use of ready-to-use liquid mixes for soft ice cream ensures a consistent quality without fluctuations and saves time. In addition to soft serve ice cream, we also develop liquid ice cream mixes for the successful preparation of other ice cream specialties such as scoop ice cream, trendy Frozen yogurt or milkshakes.