Milk and cream based liquid ice cream mixes

As a strategic extension of its milk-based product range for bulk consumers and the food industry, WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, part of the Uelzena Group and the Uelzena Ingredients division, has invested in the production of ready-to-use liquid mixes for ice cream specialities. To do this, the Warmsen site has taken over the complete production facilities and the registered trademark "PARADICE" from Elsdorfer Molkerei und Feinkost GmbH. The new products are an optimal addition to our range of milk-based ingredients for the confectionery, ice cream and food industries.

Ice cream bases for soft serve ice cream, scoop ice cream, Frozen Yoghurt and milkshakes

The new product range includes bag-in-box packed liquid mixes for soft serve ice cream, classic scoop  ice cream, Frozen Yoghurt, milkshakes and water ice and is primarily aimed at the customer groups of wholesalers and specialist retailers, food service, system catering and ice cream parlours. 

In addition to the PARADICE brand, our customers can also have their own branding for the ice cream mix products. The ready-to-use liquid mixes are made from fresh milk, cream and yoghurt and contain no preservatives. They are packaged in convenient 10 litre or 20 litre bag-in-box packagings. Unopened, these can be kept for 12 months even if unrefrigerated, which simplifies storage and warehousing.

Customised formulation development of ice cream mixes

In addition to typical standard formulations and the usual flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, we also offer our customers the development of their own individual formulations and work together with them on new product concepts in the field of liquid base mixes for ice cream specialities. To do this, we use our know-how as a milk specialist and the experience we have gained from numerous projects for well-known customers from the food industry and system catering.

Liquid ice cream mixes for all conventional ice cream machines

The liquid ice cream mixes are ready for use and can be used immediately. The usage of such basic mixes guarantees the operator a consistent product quality during the preparation. The production of the various ice cream specialities works with all commercially available ice cream machines such as soft ice cream machines, batch freezers and blenders. 

The products can be used on their own or as a basis for making individual ice cream specialities. For example, by adding ingredients such as pastes, nuts, fruit puree, chocolate, etc., the scoop ice cream mix can easily and quickly be used to make very different individual ice cream specialities for the classic ice cream counter. 

Frozen Yogurt, on the other hand, the trendy ice cream speciality from the USA, is usually frozen pure in the ice cream machine and then individualised with various toppings and sauces before serving. The milkshake base is also a good basis for creating individual milk-mix drinks.  


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Products - ice mixes
Products - ice mixes
Soft serve ice cream mix

Liquid mix of milk and cream for making soft ice cream. Available with a fat content between 3 % and 10 % and in different flavour varieties such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Scoop ice cream mix

Base mix for milk ice cream (vanilla) made from fresh milk and cream with a fat content of 10 %. Ideal as a basis for your own ice cream creations by adding individual ingredients.

Frozen Yogurt ice cream mix

Liquid ready mix made of milk and yoghurt for a creamy and soft yoghurt ice cream with a fat content of 0.5% or 3.5%. The trendy ice cream speciality from the USA.

Milkshake mix

Liquid ready mix for the production of creamy milkshakes with vanilla flavour with a fat content of 2.5%. Full-bodied, creamy flavour, ideal for mixing with your own ingredients.

Iced Cappuccino

Milk-based liquid mixture for the production of a refreshing iced cappuccino in conventional slush ice machines. The fat content is 1.8 %.

Slush ice mix

Liquid mix for the production of refreshing fat-free water-ice drinks in conventional slush machines (granitors). Available in different flavours

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