Milk fats for bakery and confectionery products

Our dairy fats are responsible for the good taste of many well-known branded products. We produce premium butter and concentrated butter for international manufacturers from the bakery, confectionery and ice cream industries at our production sites in Uelzen and Bismark. Many of these well-known manufacturers classify us as an A-supplier for their European and international production facilities. German branded butter is not only a synonym for controlled brand quality in Germany, but is also regarded internationally as a synonym for particularly high-quality butter. This is one of the reasons why our butter and butterfat "Made in Germany" is now exported worldwide via international commodity traders. 

Specialist for milk fats like butter and anhydrous mik fat

As experienced dairy fat specialists, we are ready to serve our customers with a variety of professional product solutions, standardized as well as tailor-made. Our comprehensive product portfolio comprises German Premium Butter and concentrated butter as well as a number of specialty products including laminating butter with predefined melting points, milk fats with added vanillin or carotene, mixed fats or decolorized white butterfat. Furthermore, we develop individual dairy fat products and compounds; all are tailor-made to suit the respective application and the production process.

Butter and milk fat producer with extensive service and know how

We have acquired our expert knowledge over many years and we apply our comprehensive technology range to the processing of milk fats. We make use of these resources not only for our own products but we also act as a service provider for contract processing of milk-based raw materials supplied by our customers. E.g. the production of anhydrous milk fat on a contract basis from customer provided raw material.

Our special competence is the development of customer-specific products. To this end, we convert the requirements from your production into optimally suited products made of milk fat. The fat content can be adjusted according to your specifications. Customer-specific adjustments to the packaging of our standard products are also possible, e.g. carton contents adapted to your batch sizes. Together with you, we always work out the optimum solution.  

Unique technologies: Fractionation and decolorization of milk fat 

One of our special technological processes is the fractionation of milkfat. In a purely thermal-physical process, we separate hard stearins from soft to liquid oleins. Next, we combine the fractions to yield milk fats with precisely defined properties in terms of for example, melting point, hardness or melting properties.

Our deodoration plant also offers interesting possibilities because here we can also remove the color of the milk fat and the typical butter taste, if needed. This is ideal for the production of light-colored creams, candies, and fillings for cookies or pralines or for further combination with nuts, croquants or flavors and for all other products where taste is important and the melting properties of butterfat are still requested.

Industry-compatible packaging options for milk fats

We supply our milk fats in many different packaging options and package sizes to meet the most diverse requirements of the processors. From a 10 kg carton to a complete tank truck for the temperature-controlled liquid loading of butterfat and milk fat compounds - choose the option that best suits your requirements from our hygienic and industry-compatible packaging systems:

  • Block wrapped in HDPE film
  • Block in a cardboard box with liner
  • Plastic bucket
  • Drums
  • Disposable container with liner
  • Returnable container with liner
  • Heatable stainless steel container 
  • Tank truck

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Products - milk fats
Products - milk fats
Premium German butter

Premium German butter with 82% milk fat content. Made from fresh, pasteurized cream (100% cow’s milk).

Bakery butter with vanillin or carotene

Butter with added vanillin for rounding off the taste of pastry products or with carotene for an appealing color of the finished goods.

Recombined butter

Ideally suited as laminating butter for Danish and puff pastry doughs. The specific production process ensures optimal product properties.

Lactose-free butter

Butter with 82% milk fat - made from concentrated butter, skimmed milk and butter culture. The lactose content is below 0.1%.

Cholesterol-reduced butter

Made from butterfat and butter cultures. The cholesterol content of this butter is 35 mg per 100 g (common butter: 215 mg).

Anhydrous milk fat

Made from pasteurized fresh cream or butter. Milk fat content 99.8%, maximum water content 0.1%. Concentrated, full-bodied butter flavor.

Butterfat with vanillin or carotene

Made from pasteurized fresh cream or butter. Milk fat content 99.8%, maximum water content 0.2%. Concentrated, full-bodied butter flavor.

White butterfat

Made from pasteurized fresh cream or butter. Decolorized by a physical process. Milk fat content 99.8%. Maximum water content 0.1%.

Milk fat fractions

Available as recombined butterfat, customized milk fat mix with defined melting points, or as individual fractions. Milk fat fractions can be used in numerous applications.

Cholesterol-reduced butterfat

Made from pasteurized fresh cream or butter. Milk fat content 99.8%, maximum water content 0.2%. Cholesterol content: 42 mg per 100 g (common butter: 285 mg).

Milk fat compounds

We deliver milk fat compounds, developed according to customer’s specifications based on cream, butter and/or fractionated or decolorized milk fat in the form of W/O or O/W emulsions.

Mixed fats

Customized and tailor-made mixed fats from Premium German Butter, concentrated butter or fractionated butterfat combined with one or more vegetable fats.

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