High quality dairy products for delicatessen manufacturers

Our product range of milk products for the German and European delicatessen and food industry includes cream and customized milk products. e.g  for further processing into sauces, desserts, deli salads, fresh products and confectionery. For international export, we also supply our cream as frozen cream.  

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten: dairy products supplier within the Uelzena group

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, a subsidiary of Uelzena eG is in charge of production and distribution of these products. The Warmsen site is located in Lower Saxony. Offering a range of dairy products, it focuses predominately on the German market and adjoining EU countries in order to guarantee short supply paths, an uninterrupted cool chain and optimal freshness.The international export market will be supplied with frozen cream. The raw material milk for the production of the diverse dairy products comes mainly from the immediate surrounding of the Warmsen site and is delivered fresh every day.

We develop customized milk products 

Besides standardized fresh and heat-treated cream products, one of our strengths is the individual adjustment of recipes according to customer specifications in terms of fat and/or dry matter content, the addition of other ingredients or the production of the desired texture with various stabilizer systems. In a joint project we define the requirements for the new formulation and then develop individually adapted and optimised product solutions on this basis. For this we use the many years of experience of our employees and our technological competence as milk processors.  

Furthermore, we develop entire customized milk and milk fat products for specific applications in close cooperation with our customers. Whether you need pre-products for fresh desserts, cream or milk fat premixes for the production of confectionery products, or toppings for savory snacks and pizzas – we develop products that are tailor-made for your production technology.

Trend range of lactose-free cream and dairy products

Buying lactose-free product alternatives has become a matter of course for many consumers today. The demand for corresponding finished products is constantly increasing. Therefore we also offer our milk products in lactose-free variations, for example lactose-free cream. We can also produce customised milk products as lactose-free variants on request, depending on the recipe. This is ideal for expanding your product range and catering for the growing trend in the lactose-free product segment.

Flexible packgaing options for industrial processors 

Just like the entire production, the filling of our dairy products is carried out under high hygiene standards to guarantee perfect product quality. For the packaging of your product, please select the system that suits your industrial needs best from our range of hygienic packaging formats:

  • Bag-in-box systems
  • Returnable containers with liner
  • Disposable containers with liner
  • Sterile steel containers

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Products - milk products
Products - milk products

Made from fresh milk (100% cow’s milk) by purely physical separation (centrifugation) into skimmed milk and cream. The fat content can be individually adjusted to customer’s specification.

Lactose-free cream and sour cream products

Made from fresh milk (100% cow’s milk) by physical separation (centrifugation) into skimmed milk and cream. The lactose content is below 0.1%.

Customized milk and milk fat products

Supplementing our standard product range, we also develop customized and tailor-made dairy products as well as pre-mixes and compounds from milk fat for you.

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